Welcome Current 2021 Resort Village Campers

Dear Pine Lake Resort Village Camper:


Welcome back for the 2021 camping season.   We are looking forward to a smooth opening. 


The water system will be activated the weekend of May 1st for Resort Village customers and you may come up the weekend of April 24th to do any necessary clean-up.   



Please click on the link below to review the social distancing guidelines.  You'll then click a link that takes you directly to your individual registration page with some of your information pre-populated.  Please make any changes, complete the remainder of the registration, electronically sign and submit.

Rules and Guidelines for Pine Lake Resort Village

Please review these policies, as there are new additions and modifications to our rules. Your signature on the registration page is an indication of your acceptance of these rules and any social distancing rules.

Rates & Payments


Seasonal Rate for the Resort Village: $2725

Pay in full by May 2, 2021 – deduct $50

Deferred Payment Schedule:  Payment 1(by May 3rd):  $1375

Payment 2 (by June 21st):  $1350 


A deferred payment schedule is available for qualified customers; however, ALL accounts must be paid in full by June 20, 2021.  Failure to adhere to this payment schedule will result in late fees and ineligibility for the payment plan in 2022. 


Flag Policy

Please keep in mind that camping is a communal activity and in order to best respect everyone’s personal beliefs we ask that you refrain from displaying political signage. In regards to flags, you may display the US flag or NYS flag.  Thanks for your cooperation.


Docking Space

If you are interested in a boat docking space, please stop in the office and complete the required form. We plan to install an additional dock for jet skis this season.  The majority of our jet skis will need to be moored at this dock. Dock space continues to be limited and we will do our best to accommodate everyone. 


Proof of insurance and registration will be required for the rental of docking space and/or launching your boat.  Please be ready to present this information to a member of the staff at the time of launching. If you could make a copy for us, it would be greatly appreciated. Since we offer dock space at such a low rate, we assume no liability for boats moored at our docks. If you plan to store your boat trailer in the field adjacent to Resort Road, you must stop in the office and let us know so that we can provide a tag to clearly identify your equipment.


Last year, campers continued to dump household items such as BBQ grills, small furniture, and even mattresses in the dumpsters. The dumpsters are for household garbage only – do not leave other items in or near the dumpsters. You must take these items home with you for disposal. 


There will be social distancing measures in effect for the foreseeable future, however, we anticipate that things should be a bit less restrictive as compared to last season. We have provided the current social distancing guidelines, however, we will continue to update these as the season progresses. 


Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Office Hours for 2021 will be weekends only for May and June:


4/24:      11 AM – 4 PM                    4/25:      11 AM – 4 PM

5/1:         10 AM – 4 PM                    5/2:         10 AM – 4 PM

Weekends for the remainder of May and June:  Sat/Sun:  10 AM -  4 PM


We look forward to seeing all of you.  If you have any questions, please contact Jeff at (315) 794-0264.  If it is easier, you may also text. If you do not plan to return, please be sure to adhere to the deadlines in the email sent on April 9th.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Resort Village Campers ONLY...please click the button below to start the registration process by reviewing the 2021 Guidelines and Policy and Social Distancing Policy