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2024 Pine Lake Park Policies & Guidelines

Please read through the 2024 Policies & Guidelines that are listed below.

Welcome to Pine Lake Resort Village and Pine Lake Campground. We hope your stay here will be most enjoyable. The following Policy & Guidelines are intended to ensure the comfort and safety of ALL residents.


YOUR SITE: The site is only rented to the person(s) registered in our database.  If you have visitors (people that do not reside at your registered address), you must be present.  Subletting of any type is prohibited.  Keeping the site neat and clean is the responsibility of the seasonal resident. Only ONE camping unit (trailer, motor home, etc.) is permitted on each site. Residents are required to have their camping trailer, motor home, etc. insured for fire and physical damage. Trailers must be washed each season. No tent can be placed on any site unless approved by management. Approved tents are for minor children only, and should be of the small umbrella type and placed at the back of the site. Unapproved tents will be automatically billed to your account at $40 per day.


VISITORS: There should be no more than two cars of visitors on your site at any time. ALL VISITORS MUST PAY on July 3rd (Fireworks) at a rate of $10 per car.  If you have unregistered visitors on your site on this day, additional charges will be added to your account.  Visitors are free on all other days unless otherwise specified.


ELECTRIC POWER: Power is provided to each site for use of electrical equipment as provided by the manufacture of your camping unit. Grounded type, 12 gauge power cords are required on your camping unit. Resident installed electric cable, service disconnects and other equipment on park property becomes park equipment and cannot be removed without management permission. The Park assumes NO responsibility for any damage to customer electric devices, appliances, converters, etc. used in the campground. We suggest that you use “surge protection devices” on all electronic equipment.

ELECTRIC BILLS:  For campground residents and specific residents in the expansion(s) of the Resort Village, you will be billed for your electrical usage at the end of the season/beginning of the following season.  This bill must be paid in full BEFORE we will accept a rental payment for the subsequent season.  All electric bills must be PAID IN PERSON at the office prior to the opening date. 


ADDITIONS AND/OR OTHER CONSTRUCTION: Residents may NOT construct any type of addition to their camping trailer. Commercial “add-a-room", screen rooms, awnings, etc. are permitted with the approval of the management. All plastic tarps are prohibited for use as an awning, covering the camper or screen room. You must secure approval from management before you START building decks and/or docks.  


In the Resort Village, after obtaining our approval, you will also need to secure a building permit from the Town of Caroga PRIOR to beginning construction.  All approved decks/docks must be constructed with treated lumber and galvanized nails/screws. Wood pallets and lattice are PROHIBITED in the park and may not be used for any purpose. Unless required for safety reasons, fences and railings are prohibited.  Any constructed item on a site may not be transferred to another site without inspection and approval.  DECK SIZE IS NOT TO EXCEED the length of the trailer and a width of 12 feet.  DOCK SIZE IS LIMITED TO a 3 – 4' width and a 40’ length.  Sun Decks must be approved by management and are limited to a size of 12’ by 12’.


SANITARY REQUIREMENTS: You may use a MAXIMUM of a 1-inch line from your gray waste water tank to the drain tank on your site. A 3-inch sewer hose connection to the drain system is PROHIBITED and a violation of NYS health laws. Dumping raw sewage and/or gray water on the ground is prohibited. Dumping stations are located at each restroom building. In the Resort Village, you are provided a standard connection for a 3-inch sewer hose.


BOAT DOCKS: Residents using campground/resort village docks will have to reserve a space at the office. Please be sure to keep your boat docked at the same spot on your assigned dock.  You may not swim off or around any of the boat docks.  Please do not use the dock as a staging area for water skiing, tubing etc. 


Lakefront residents constructing boat docks need approval from management before starting construction. Docks must be constructed of treated lumber and galvanized nails/screws/bolts and maintained in a safe condition.  A copy of your NYS registration and proof of insurance must be provided when renting a boat slip or launching a boat.  Damage to boat docks will be billed to your seasonal account.  


Pine Lake Campground and Pine Lake Resort Village assume no liability for boats moored at our docks.  We will only launch boats insured and registered to the camper of record.  Please remember that the launch is meant to be used at the beginning of the season to launch your boat and at the end of the season to remove your boat.  Campers are not allowed to continually launch and remove their boats.  If your boat needs to be removed during the season for maintenance or other issues, please call the office.

SALE OF CAMPING TRAILERS IN THE PARK: You may sell your camping trailer in the park if you: [1] Notify management that the unit is for sale. [2] State the asking price. [3] Inform all interested buyers that you are selling only the trailer, NOT THE SITE !! [4] All charges must be paid in full before the trailer can be removed from the park. Management reserves the right to determine if the trailer can remain on its site and/or in the Park. Failure to comply with the above items will require that the trailer be removed from the park to be sold. In the Resort Village, there is a 5% total selling price retention fee for ALL units remaining on-site.  This fee is payable to Pine Lake Resort Village and is the sole responsibility of the seller.   New buyers will not be allowed to reside/take ownership on the grounds until such fee is paid.


GOLF CARTS: All customers must REGISTER their golf cart in the office.  You are required to submit proof of insurance and sign off on the rules governing the use of golf carts.  You will be issued a numbered golf cart sticker, which must be affixed to the back of your cart.  Please keep in mind that any person operating your golf cart will be subject to the rules for using a golf cart.  Only adults or minors who possess a NYS driver’s license may operate a golf cart on park property. 


If an unlicensed minor is caught operating a golf cart on park property, the owner of the cart will receive a warning for a first offense. If there is any subsequent violation, you will be required to remove the golf cart from park property and your golf-cart privileges will be suspended.  GOLF CARTS MAY NOT BE OPERATED after sunset unless equipped with appropriate lighting.  ABSOLUTELY NO GOLF CARTS MAY BE USED AFTER 11 PM.  Golf carts with loud exhaust are prohibited in the park.  A first violation of the rules governing the use of golf carts will result in a warning and a second violation will result in the suspension of your cart privileges for the remainder of the season.  If the nature of the violation warrants, management reserves the right to suspend privileges on a first offense.  If you have already signed the golf cart rules and been assigned a number, you do not need to complete any paperwork for 2024. 


BOAT TRAILERS, UTILITY TRAILERS, ETC.: These trailers MAY NOT be stored on any site or roadway.  Resort Village customers have access to a storage area in the park.  You must stop in the office to register your trailer/equipment to place it in the storage area.  You may not use your seasonal site or any other area of the park to store boats, trailers, cars and other vehicles during the off-season. 


SUPERVISING MINOR CHILDREN: Parents and/or guardians are legally responsible for minor children under their care and must supervise the minor's activities in the park.  All children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult.  All children under 17 years of age MUST be on-site by 10 PM unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. The use of alcoholic beverages by minors in the campground is prohibited!! Violations of the above policy will result in eviction from the park.


GARBAGE DISPOSAL:  Dumpsters are available May through September for garbage disposal. Do not place recyclables, metals, pine needles, or leaves in the dumpster. Residents are RESPONSIBLE for taking grills, refrigerators, lawn chairs, and other similar items to the Town Transfer Station or taken home for disposal.  Your rent provides you with garbage disposal, NOT trash and junk disposal. In the off-season, when dumpsters are not available, take garbage, etc. home with you or to the transfer station. Failure to adhere to these policies will result in eviction.


RECYCLING MATERIALS:  All recyclables in the campground must be taken home with you for proper disposal. There is a regular recycling service in the Resort Village. Check with the Town of Caroga for the schedule. 

PUBLIC BATHING BEACH:  By NYS Health Department regulations, our main beach (across from the Adirondack Paradise) will be open beginning on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend for all Resort Village customers.  Resort Village customers may pick up their passes at the office beginning two weeks prior to this weekend. 


CAMPGROUND BEACH:  Admission to the large public beach is no longer included in the campground seasonal rent. You may choose to pay at the entrance each time you use the beach. The little beach in the campground will continue to be available for use for campground customers from 10 am until 8 pm. Since there is no lifeguard on duty, all children under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult. 

PLAYGROUND:  The playground(s), volleyball area and pickleball courts will be available for your use from 9 AM to sunset. Children under the age of 10 must be supervised by an adult. Unsupervised children will be sent back to their site and parents will be notified. We encourage parents to be mindful of social distancing when kids are playing together on the playground.

BICYCLES:  Children must wear an approved helmet riding a bicycle if under age 14. No bike riding after sunset.  Failure to obey these rules may result in the termination of biking privileges within the park.


SKATEBOARDS, IN-LINE SKATES, ROLLER SKATES, and SCOOTERS are strictly prohibited in all areas of the park!


QUIET HOURS:  10 PM to 9 AM each day. Radios, TV and stereos are restricted in use and should NOT disturb other residents. 


PETS/DOGS:  Most dogs and pets are welcome BUT they must be on a leash and CAN NOT run loose in the Park. If you leave the Park for two or more hours, take your dog with you. Don’t leave your dog BARKING while you are gone!! Limit of 2 small dogs per site. Rottweilers, pit bulls and Dobermans are NOT permitted in the park. ALL PETS MUST HAVE ALL NECESSARY VACCINATIONS.  Although we do not require you to submit proof of vaccination, please keep documentation in your trailer in the event that there is any sort of incident. Please be sure to clean up after your pet.


TREES:  Do not cut or otherwise damage trees. Do not drive nails into trees or tie ropes/cables around trees. Screw hooks/eyes can be used to fasten a rope to trees. Removal and trimming trees is the responsibility of the park.


FIRES:  All fires must be in a fireplace or ring. Do not burn pine needles in the spring or fall. Check with management if you need to dispose of leaves or pine needles. Keep fireplace over 15 feet from all RVs and tents.

FLAGS/SIGNAGE:  You may only fly the US flag or NYS flag.  All political signage is prohibited.  This includes signage on vehicles, trailers, and golf carts.


CHAINSAWS:  Do not use a gas-powered chainsaw without prior approval of management.


FIREARMS:  Firearms are not permitted in the Park (licensed or otherwise).


FIREWOOD:  Firewood should be stacked in the back of the site and the top may be covered with a clear or camo tarp. You may not bring in firewood from home.  Names and numbers of approved local vendors are available in the office.


SATELLITE TV SYSTEMS:  No satellite dish can be installed in the park without first obtaining approval from management. If approved, the dish must be located in the back of the site and not detract from the appearance of the site. 


COVERED PAVILION (RESORT VILLAGE):  Resort Village customers may use this facility free of charge for parties/gatherings of less than 40 people.  It must be reserved in advance at the office and is subject to a limit of 4 hours.  Hosting a party for a friend or outside family member is not allowed.


SPEED LIMIT:  All motor vehicles and bicycles are to observe the 10 MPH SPEED LIMIT!!


NOT PERMITTED:  Unregistered cars/trucks/motorcycle/ATV's and/or guns and unlicensed vehicle /cycle operators. FIREWORKS are not permitted in the park.


NOISE VIOLATIONS:  Quiet hours are from 10 PM until 9 AM.  ALL RADIOS MUST BE TURNED OFF BY 10 PM.  Violators will be given a verbal warning for the first offense and subsequent offenses will result in fines and/or eviction from the park.


SITE INSPECTIONS:  During the summer, all sites will be inspected for cleanliness, proper electrical and water connections, and storage of wood and other items.  If there are issues with your site, you will be notified in writing and will have one week to correct the issue.  Failure to correct the issue will result in a mandatory non-compliance fee and possible eviction from the park.


NON-COMPLIANCE FEE:  A $50 fee will automatically be added to your account for violations of park rules listed in the Policies and Guidelines.


PAYMENT OF RENTAL CHARGES:  All accounts must pay rental charges as outlined in your welcome letter. An initial $50 late charge and $10 per week thereafter will be added to all accounts not paid on time. Delinquent accounts will be subject to EVICTION from the park.

REFUNDS OF RENTAL CHARGES:  If you choose to leave the park voluntarily or are evicted before the end of your rental period, no refund will be granted.

PLEASE NOTE: Campers will be emailed a Welcome Letter with a link to the online registration page. If you did not receive a welcome letter, please text Jeff at 315-794-0264 and he will send you the link to the registration page.


Please be aware that by filling out and electronically signing the registration form OR paying your rental fees, you agree to the following: 


"I [we] have read and do understand the Policies & Guidelines of the Pine Lake Resort Village and Pine Lake Campground & RV Park, Inc., and by my electronic signature on the registration form, agree to abide by the Policies & Guidelines. I [we] also understand that failure to follow the Policies & Guidelines will result in the TERMINATION of our tenancy at Pine Lake Resort Village and Pine Lake Campground & RV Park, Inc."            

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