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Watch for 2020 Camper Events!

Welcome 2020 Seasonal Campers

Dear Camper:


Welcome back to the upcoming 2020 camping season. Lil Charlie’s at Pine Lake will again be serving pizza, wings, and other Italian specialties. Bill and Angie Donahue (mobile home park customers) are looking forward to another season.  They provide delivery in the campground.


James (aka Mitch) and Josyln Mitchell will again be taking care of your black water needs. Click here for information and to sign up for their service. 


The weekend of May 2, 2020 Pine Lake Park will be open to Resort Village only. Your trailer tarp should be removed and your site cleaned by this date.  Thank you for your cooperation. Our closing date will be Sunday, October 4, and the water will be turned off on that date.  

Guidelines for Pine Lake Campground: Click here for a copy of our full listing of rules and guidelines. Please review these policies carefully, as there are new additions and modifications to our rules. Your signature on the registration sheet is an indication of your acceptance of these rules. Please note that you are required to insure your camper and provide proof of insurance when you submit payment.


Registration Form: Click here for a copy of the registration sheet. You can download and print out the file, fill out the form and return it to us with your check. Our mailing address is 136 Timberline Lane, Caroga Lake, NY 12032. Once the beach opens per COVID-19, we will issue your beach passes, as well as provide you with important updates. It's important to include your e-mail address as it will be used for all summer correspondence, including announcements of special events.


Please note: This year we will not be mailing your yearly registration information and will be emailing it to you and it will also be available online for you to fill out. 


2020 Office Hours: TBD - April 25 & 26 (10 am - 4 pm); Weekends in May (10 am - 4 pm) Monday closed; Tuesday - Friday 10 am to 12 pm and 2 - 4 pm; Saturday and Sunday 10 am - 4 pm. The office will be staffed only during the hours indicated. If you have an issue that is not during office hours, you can call 518-835-4930.

Beach Hours: The beach will operate weekends only from May 25 through June 21 and daily from June 22 through Labor Day (September 2), weather permitting. 

Beach Passes: Beach passes will be strictly monitored. At all times, while on the large beach you must have in your possession a valid 2019 pass and produce it upon request. 

Seasonal Rates: The 2019 seasonal rate is as follows: 

Campground Seasonal Lakefront Rate: $2,950(2019 rate)

Campground Seasonal Non-Lakefront Rate: $2,350 (2019 rate)

Resort Village Seasonal Rate - $2,625

(Payments may be made by cash, check or credit card.  All credit card payments will carry a 3% surcharge. Checks should be made out to Pine Lake Campground)

Early Payment Discount: Pay your account in full on or before May 15th and return your completed registration sheet to receive a $50 discount.  


Deferred Payment Schedule:

Payment #1: At least ½ of the total rate is due on or before May 15th

Payment #2: Remaining balance is due on or before June 21   

(Unpaid or late accounts are subject to late charges and/or eviction)

(Also note: If you made late payments during the 2019 season, the deferred payment schedule may not be available to you.  Please check with the office to see if you are eligible.)

2019 Electric Bill: Your electrical usage for 2019 will be added to your seasonal rate for 2020 if it's not been paid.

Utility Bills: Use your home address for Spectrum & Frontier billing

Honey Service: James (aka Mitch) and Joslyn Mitchell will be taking care of your black water needs. The service costs $200 for each black water tank for the season plus tax. This will include being pumped out every other week and at the end of the season. For those of you who want to be dumped each week, there will be an additional charge of $85. To sign up for this service, call
Mitch at (518) 332-5780 or Joslyn at (518) 866-3986, or at our camp number at (518) 604-4228.
We are located at Site #45. Click here for full details. 

Removal of Camper/RV: If you do not plan to return for the 2020 season, you MUST NOTIFY us by May 2, 2020. Failure to comply with this deadline will result in the addition of daily camping charges to your account until the unit is removed from the site. You are also responsible for your 2019 electrical charges.  For your convenience you may also ‘text’ Jeff at (315) 794-0264 or by email at or or by telephone at 518-835-4930. (Please provide last name and site no.) 

Docking Area:

On the beach (key access) - $100

Docking on the Aluminum Dock: $325 minimum, over 20 feet - $15 per foot

If you are interested in docking space, please indicate on the registration form. Proof of insurance and registration will be required for the rental of a docking space. Since we offer dock space at such a low rate, we assume no liability for boats moored at our docks.  Due to issues last year, storage space in the Resort Village will be by permission only. Please stop in the office to fill out the appropriate paperwork before placing anything in the storage area.

The docking area is strictly for docking only and may only be used for vessel deployment. Please use idling speed until 200 feet off shore and away from the large beach. This will be strictly enforced and monitored by our beach personnel. No swimming, fishing or water skiing is permitted. Boat removal only between 10 and 11 and 6 and 7 daily. Absolutely no boat usage or motor noise during wedding ceremonies on the beach. Courtesy is the key word. 

Boat Launch Hours: Thursday through Sunday 10 am to 12 pm. Last season there were numerous issues launching and retrieving watercraft and our hope is to make this process a bit more streamlined. The key will no longer be available in the office and all boats will need to be launched/removed during scheduled hours.

Visitor Policy: All day/single overnight visitors will be free of charge except for the dates of July 3 and July 4, when a visitor fee of $5 per vehicle will apply for ALL visitors on these two days.  Please remember that any overnight guest must stay in your RV with you.  

Golf Carts: Please remember that in order to operate a golf cart on park grounds, it will be necessary for you to complete a registration form, provide proof of insurance and sign off on the rules governing the use of golf carts. Click here for the golf cart registration form. All golf carts must be registered with the office and they need to be assigned a number that is 3 inches in height and displayed prominently on your cart. Operating rules are basically the same as a licensed motor vehicle. Under-age operation will not be tolerated. Proof of insurance coverage may be required. Violation of these rules will require removal of your cart from the park after one warning. 

Bicycles: Children must wear an approved helmet riding a bicycle if under age 14. No bike riding after sunset. 

Sale of Homes:​ All sales of homes with the expressed intent to remain in the Park and onsite will be consummated in the business office. The site retention fee and new owner approval will be made at that time. Units removed from the Park incur no charge. The rental or subletting of your personal property (unit) is not allowed.

Employees: Any request made by a campground or beach employee speaks for the management. Complaints or disagreements will be handled in the business office.

Thanks in advance for your help in following the Park Rules!

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