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Once you visit Pine Lake Park and the surrounding areas, you'll fall in love with the beauty of the rippling lakes, the serenity of the solemn trees that envelope you in a blanket of green, and the majesty of the Adirondack Mountain Range that are present in every vista. You'll want to come back every year to visit old friends and family and to reminisce about the special lake memories that call to you throughout the year.


There are many activities you can participate in when you're here at Pine Lake Park. Take a hike up Kane Mountain and climb the Fire Tower to the top. The view of the surrounding lakes will take your breath away; many couples have become engaged on top of that tower! If heights are not your thing, there's golfing at Nick Stoner Golf Course, kayaking or boating on the lakes, biking along the beautiful roadways and so much more you can enjoy here!


Discover what brings people back to the Adirondacks year after year...


Kane Mt Firetower

Established in 1929, this scenic golf course is located just above Caroga Lake and features expansive fairways surrounded by beautiful woods and generous landing areas. Streams and ponds are located throughout the course. After playing, you can stop by the 19th Hole for great food and refreshments. Click here for details.



There are many popular hiking trails in the area. You can hike up Kane Mountain to the fire tower, into Good Luck Lake and the Good Luck Lake cliffs or back into 9 Corner Lake with the clearest water anywhere. Click here for the various hiking trails.


In the area, you'll discover many beautiful lakes where you can enjoy all types of boating, water skiing, jet skiing or just meandering around the lake in your party boat. These crystal clear lakes are perfect for swimming and paddle boarding, and all-around fun!


The lakes in the Adirondacks have so many coves and areas that are great to explore when you're kayaking and canoeing. While you're paddling, you may see loons, Canadian geese, flying fish, beavers, and if you're really lucky a moose. Kayaking doesn't get any better than this anywhere else.


The roads in the Adirondack Park wind through some of the most beautiful country in New York State. As you bike or drive, you'll pass scenic mountain vistas, babbling brooks, and lush green woodlands. Watch out for the occasional bear, woodchuck, or fox.  


If you enjoy fishing, then you'll love spending time fishing from your boat or kayak. Or you may even fish from your dock. Many of the lakes are stocked with fish each year to assure a successful catch. Just make sure you have a fishing license.

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