Welcome Campers,


Thank you for registering for the 2020 Pine Lake Park season.


Now that you've completed your registration, you can drop off your payment at the Pine Lake business office in the drop box on the office door on weekends (Sat. and Sun.) only during the hours of 11 AM to 4 PM.


Or you can send your check, payable to Pine Lake Park, to Jeff Houck101 Kay Circle, Chadwicks, NY 13319.

Seasonal Rate for the Campground: 
Non-Lakefront Site: $2,350
Lakefront Site: $2,950

Pay in full by May 17, 2020: deduct $50 
Non-Lakefront Site: $2,300
Lakefront Site: $2,900 

Deferred Payment Schedule:  
Non-Lakefront Site: Payment #1 (by May 17th): $1,175 and Payment #2 (by June 21st):  $1,175
Lakefront Site: Payment #1 (by May 17th): $1,475 and Payment #2 (by June 21st): $1,475 

Seasonal Rate for the Resort Village: $2,625

Pay in full by May 3, 2020: deduct $50 = $2,575

Deferred Payment Schedule:  Payment #1 (by May 3rd): $1,325 and Payment #2 (by June 21st):  $1,300


If you'd rather pay by credit card, you can email Jeff at jlzhouck@yahoo.com and he will email you an invoice that you can pay by Square (subject to a 3.5% convenience fee).

We look forward to a great summer season at Pine Lake Park. 

Thank You for Registering

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